By LincolnWarrior


Another day of mixed weather today and also a mixed day for me as well .I received a call from my sister this morning while she was on the way to Blackpool for the weekend to let me know that my Uncle had been rushed into hospital seriously ill. As she was away she wanted me to pop and let Mum know rather than ring her up as it is her brother. I was going to go in my lunch break but the boss told me to get off and see her straight away.
As you can imagine she was very upset so it was good that I was there and the boss had told me that there was no need to rush back which was very kind of him. After spending a good hour or so with her I then went to get something to eat before heading back to report to the boss. 
He kindly told me to take the rest of the afternoon off to clear my head.
So armed with my camera I went for a walk to relax and switch off for a while. As i said it was mixed weather and we had had some rather heavy rain showers but thankfully it had fined up. 
This shot was taken looking down an alley way in a mono effect with a spot of colour popping at the end.
Back home for a relaxing evening and some rugby. Having posted my blip time now to check if I have won on the euro lottery fingers crossed for a happy end to the day.

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