Hanging out

A quieter day. After breakfast H took AR to a friend’s coffee morning whilst Mt did the shopping and I sat with Mx. We read loads of books, did some big floor jigsaws, tidied away all the cars (then tipped them out again - and repeat!) and listened to the rain on the conservatory roof.
Nipped round to see K briefly before they all settled down to watch the F1 race then home for when T arrived. Lots of hugs and tickles for and from him with the littlies then we headed off for lunch. Went to the Turkish restaurant in WOlverton - delicious. We all decided it was one of our favourite types of food....and Mx loves the puffed up bread and all the dips. Chatted about T&Kt’s planned trip[ to Borneo next spring and my upcoming Canada trip, but didn’t make much progress on planning the palace day or Christmas arrangements.
T dropped me at the station then I headed north. Straightforward journey although I didn’t get as much done as on Friday....bit hot and crowded and I was distracted by more planning for flat fit-out.
Good to be back with a cup of tea and a clear day tomorrow.

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