By dfb24

A Saga of Two insects....

My cosmos are blooming again, as I noticed when I took my camera outside, looking to find something tiny before the heavy storms hit. I found an ant and a beetle sharing the same petal. But the ant wasn't happy, and kept ? teasing or ? biting the beetle, and the beetle would move a little. After doing this repeatedly, the ant actually climbed on the beetles' back & appeared to bite it, whereby the beetle quickly walked off & the ant gracefully climbed down off its' back. That beetle went to one of the lower petals and began eating, & darned if that little ant didn't follow it down and started going after the beetle again. When the beetle moved to another petal, so did that persistent ant. I had to look up the beetle when I got in the house; it's a spotted cucumber beetle & is harmful to crops and plants, as it eats leaves/petals/fruit, etc. & is a carrier of bacterial wilt, a disease that can devastate crops and plants............I hope the ant wins!  :))
Big thanks to Barking, who's hosting Tiny Tuesdays in October.

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