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By essonneimage

New bus stop, new crossing (Xtra: Emma's postcard)

From now on, I'm going to continue to blip photos of Emma with the postcards you all have so generously sent her, but will add them in the "Extra photos".

Xtra : So today Joep (Silverace here on Blip) kindly sent us a card from Tilburg in the Netherlands. Thanks a lot to him and his family for sending us their good wishes.

Today's Blip is again of Emma, but on our little walk with Dolly this morning. Lovely sunny day today, which makes a change to the rain as of late.
It seems that money has been spent on the village recently. This new crossing and the bus stop layby just beyond it on the left - were put in place a couple of weeks ago. Previously we didn't have a bus stop here - it is also right next to a mini roundabout (not many of those here in France).

It seems an expensive idea, as I suppose this is a turning point. But the only buses we have that pass through are those serving local colleges and lycées. Although these can also be used by the "public", they are far from convenient.

Or are we getting a new bus service at some point? They did try to do one back in 2005-2006, but it only lasted 6 months. Six months of bendybuses running around empty... hmmmm...

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