Wild Wednesday ....

..... collage .... once again.

After all the running around I did yesterday I was glad when I didn't have to go anywhere today.  And other than going out for a walk after supper I stayed at home.

Not that I wasn't busy around the house ... mind you.  We are still getting ready for our holiday in Virginia and I was putting the finishing touches on the house cleaning.  Even though we no longer need a pet sitter (at least not at the present time) we still have someone house sit for us whilst we are gone.

I didn't get as many wildlife photos as I usually do on a Wild Wednesday but I still had some visitors come around.  Most notably some adorable chipmunks .... we have at least three different chippies that come from all directions around the house!  I simply adore them!

I released Monarch butterfly #27 for the year .... another male.  We have one remaining chrysalis that should hopefully open tomorrow.  This beauty was released in memory of Kitty .... a co-worker of R's cat that recently passed away.  I get the feeling that Kitty was loved very much and was to them like Zazu was to me .... adored and doted on .... and is missed tremendously.  ♥

The weather today was incredibly HOT .... the high was 93° F!  But this allowed me to get my final swim in for the year.  This is probably the latest I have ever swam .... not bad for an unheated pool except for the solar cover!

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