Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Colour Blitz #6

I know that flowers are a cop out for a challenge like this but you can't deny that they bring welcome colour to our lives. I haven't pushed the colour at all really (even by sneaky art filters) It was just too beautiful to try and gild in any way. There was a break in the foliage above this rhododendron, so that the light (already diffused by clouds) was slipping through like a kind of spot lamp. 

I am afraid that the standard display of our Blip images has always been blurred back disappointingly by this website. To see the detail properly, please indulge me by looking LARGE.

Alas the difficulty which I reported yesterday regarding my ability to access blips via the tagged image retrieval system has gotten progressively worse. So much so that after visiting perhaps 10 journals this evening, further commenting has simply become impossible no matter what I try. The problem seems to be affected by the growing total number of tagged images and by the number of blips I attempt to comment on in a session.

A lively discussion has been going on by email regarding the situation. It appears that the problem is indeed widespread across the world although certain people have never experienced trouble with it at all for some reason. The principle technical causative factors remain unknown but for me the error has effectively shut me down in my attempts to monitor the OCB19 challenge and acknowledge your efforts.

I should like to thank ALL the blippers who have joined in the October Colour Blitz challenge with me so far. There have been some wonderful pictures published and everyone seems to be having such fun. But I am closing the challenge down after tomorrow. i.e. Monday 7th October. So instead of it running for the whole month of October, OCB19 will have run for just the first week.

Anyway. I shall continue to chase colour myself and of course you are also welcome to do so but unfortunately it has become impossible for us to do it as a group. Over time I hope to get through to all the posted blips by one means or another. Once I have, (perhaps in a week or so) I shall publish links to the 10 officially tagged OCB19 blips that I feel best encompass the original spirit of the Colour Blitz concept.

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