Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Peace & Love (Xtra : Emma & postcard)

Xtra : Big thanks from my friend Richard and his partner Lee, for having sent Emma another card. This time from the Costa del Sol  where they are on holiday... His previous card from Sheffield to Emma can be seen here.

So today Peace & Love... You may have noticed that comments are shut off on my Blips... I've not done this to annoy anyone and I realise that it can be disappointing not being able to comment.
This journal is a bit of a personal blog. It can help when I'm feeling low and unfortunately a small number of comments can feel like they push me too far under. More likely than not, due to the fact I'm a sensitive and rather quiet soul.
So the stars are very much appriecated as are the emails away from Blipfoto. Thanks for your comments off site. I will of course continue to contribute on the Blips made by those that follow me.

So apart from the Peace & Love theme from today's Blip, this is my improvised studio shot, using my desk lamp, a cardboard folder and the torch on my phone... plus a little tidying in Photoshop Elements...

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