Lane 10

After a productive if somewhat choppy day at work, I popped out to meet some folks from the old job for a birthday shindig! Well, technically I first met up with Rich as I finished work way earlier than the people I was meeting; I had a boysenberry sour that was delightful and a winter spiced sour that was fairly good. I joined Hannah and co. at Bar Estilo at half 6, and we had a great time catching up and stuffing our faces (peri peri chicken and sweet potato fries for me!) After that we headed over to Lane 7 for some bowling action. I haven't bowled for ages and had sort of forgotten how much fun it is! I would brag about the fact that I won but we all did terribly, really, haha! A great night out though; I even got treated to a miniature drama as a man kicked off about being asked to leave a closing KFC whilst I waited for my bus home...!

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