By Saffi

Worm slug - Boettgerilla pallens

The backdoor seems to attracts snails and slugs at night.  Perhaps it is the smooth cool paint as there is nothing else there I can think of.
This slug takes after its name as it is very slim.  Often whitish in colour with a blue tinge, it is rather a scavenger feeding on decaying organic matter, earthworm excrement or tender shoots and roots: so often creating havoc in a greenhouse.  It is also known to eat the eggs of its fellow slugs.

Today I attended a day course in the village hall by the WEA on the Vienna Secession, studying the architecture of that era, its art nouveau and the artists Gustave Klimt and his pupil Egon Schiele.  The lecturer was very good, an Italian who had driven down from Reading.  We all enjoyed the day and will look to see what other subjects she could tell us about in the future.

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