Getting Ready

I’m due to go on a ‘using your phone’ photography course at the weekend and I decided to buy the book written by the woman who is running it. Obtaining it has been a bit of a farce as the first time I ordered the book it was returned to Amazon. The reorder arrived yesterday so I was having a browse along with a glass of beer. The book is well laid out and attractive but there is more about what I would see as general photographic tips that could be applied regardless of the means of capture with fewer of specific using your phone tips than I expected. Maybe I haven’t given it enough reading time yet. I’m a bit of a scanner of text and photos though I have picked up one or two tips which should be useful.

Tai Chi this morning and a short update on our financial situation following our AGM last week where most people we very happy and generous and one person declared it wasn’t ‘fair’ that single session people should be asked to pay two pounds more, So I’ve been doing the calculations this week to illustrate how much the monthly payers contribute per session and how much a single session person contributes if they only come for half of the sessions ( we have people who pay monthly who also only come for half of our sessions because of work or family commitments). Of course we only survive because people pay monthly regardless of whether they are there or not. It all seemed to pass well yesterday but I sometimes wonder why I take on these things. I’ve had another very early start this morning as I woke with cramp and then my brain started working overtime so I’ve been reading The Guardian on the scandal of the ‘fossil fuel’ industry.a a oh and I’m trying to get my head around using Affinity for iPad which I’m finding quite a challenge so only dipping in for short periods of time.

I didn’t go to Camera Club last night as I was feeling tired, which is a shame as I was looking forward to hearing a judge who is new to the club. So I’m not sure how my photos will have got on. It was an open digital competition, so not an easy one to judge. I’ve decided that I’m not in competition for the awards this year as I want to focus more on projects. I just need to stop taking on other responsibilities for organising things for others and to claw back some time to make them happen.

P.s. sounds as though it was an excellent evening and the judge was praised by people who were there. I know her name but haven’t come across her personally. It sounds like our newcomers did very well. One of them getting the first place. My orange-tip butterfly came joint second along with several others. I like it when lots of peoples efforts are rewarded.

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