By MitchHamilton

Trip to Canmore

Decided to make a trip to Canmore to buy some cheap(er) groceries and FINALLY submit our passports for renewal. Turns out our passports are too damaged to renew in the traditional way so now we have to go through ALL the hoops involved in getting a passport, lame sauce but that's life. After the passport hullabaloo we went down to the off-leash dog park and got a few shots of the Three Sisters. Saw a coyote while we were walking but I couldn't get my zoom lenses on the camera in time, oh well. We were hungry from our walk and our friend Lee had recommended a nice sushi place in town and we enjoyed reasonably price sushi that satisfied our Japanese food cravings. Got a TON of groceries, not literally but you get the point and then headed home for some nice Cinnamon Chai tea and nachos and cheese.

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