a Scots life

By Annakucat

Cowden in autumn

Cowden Japanese Garden, near Dollar, what a joy! I’m so glad I saw a wee article in the Herald about it almost a year ago, it is just wonderful. Our third visit. The autumn colours are at their best just now, we walked all round it twice, in mixed weather. Mostly sunny, some cloud & one heavy shower. The cafe is top notch, great home baking.
The only fly in the ointment: one small part of the garden is a dry garden, three beautifully planted ‘islands’ in a ‘sea’ of raked gravel, it’s clearly marked no entry. Last time we were there a big man was standing in it, but he did stick to the stepping stones. Today a middle aged couple were in it, this time I said something & was ignored. When we came round again there were footprints right through the gravel & across the carefully raked concentric circles.
I went up to the reception & told them & the immediate reaction (after anger) was “It’ll be kids”. I said no, it was adults. I can’t understand people.
It’s not long reopened & is still being restored after being severely vandalised back in the ‘50’s.
Otherwise a perfect day.

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