Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Just a Moth

Albeit a pretty and interesting one.  This is the time of year when I see many of these delicate little moths, Ailanthus Webworm Moths.  Looking more like a flower beetle than a moth, they measure only around an inch in length, although this one is smaller.  They are good pollinators and commonly found on goldenrod and other fall-blooming flowers.  Right now, they are enjoying the montauk daisies in my garden, along with all the other predators and pollinators.  

I pottered around this morning, then hit the gym, then helped Hubs stack several cords of firewood.  The latter had me huffing as I hefted chunks of wood up onto an ever-growing wall of wood.  We now have 4 cords stacked and ready for winter and will look to get another 2 cords since we ran out last winter.  

Fall is coming on fast now.  The maples are all shade of gold and the hickories are right behind.  The oaks and some of the other hard woods are holding their green but dropping leaves.  I'm not looking forward to winter, although I will enjoy taking photos when it snows.  For now, I'm enjoying the surplus of insects while they last.  

Happy Saturday.


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