By Barking

#TT229 - Tiny Tuesday - snail and daisy

I had lots of ideas involving glitter for tonight's blip, but none of them were really turning out how I saw them in my head, so I went searching. I looked no further than this tiny snail and a beautiful daisy. In the extra, you'll see our favourite shot (with the green background) and a little bonus tiny spider on the tiny snail with the little daisy. 

I'm not sure how creative it is, but it will have to do!

I've been in Bendigo all day with my Year 12 students. They had their French speaking exam and I went along to support them. Lots of driving and lots of emotions. Two happy, two not happy and one disappeared before we could quiz her!

Pilgrimage meeting tonight; always fun!

I've managed to take Abe for two walks today; he'll sleep well.


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