Keith B

By keibr

Where does it all come from???

The weather was not good today and I spent most of the day indoors, sorting. My "work table" appeared from under a pile of accumulated detritus. Unfortunately the detritus mostly moved to several chairs and another table but I'll deal with that tomorrow......
Among the items buried on the table were another iPad keyboard, and an Apple wireless keyboard.
This brings our recently found total of keyboards to six, 4 iPad, 1 portable (free with a magazine) , and the Apple wireless. To go with these keyboards there are 3 iPads (all working but none properly) and 3 old Apple computers (one dead and two ancient but still staggering along).
On top of all that we have our two current functioning Macbooks. Oh yes, there are also 4 functioning external hard discs. Three have AppleMac Timemachine back-ups from various computers (2 current and 2 old). The 4th has a mixture of other back-ups and saved material.
I should finish by saying that most of this equipment is a relic of our working life and the purchasing decisions of various IT departments. It's only in the last couple of years we've had to buy our own equipment.
So that answers the question posed in the title. Next question, where is it all going to go?

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