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It's no good I have to stop having breakfasts on this trip - there's just too many food opportunities and I'll end up the size of a house at this rate!
Started off with a meeting at Universities Canada hearing about their views on federal/provincial balance of power's all down to the provinces basically. 
Afterwards we drove out to Ottawa uni and heard about their bilingual offering. Student showed us round the campus - all very strong on sustainability of buildings (heated by recycled computer heat and with 5 storey tall living walls) and lots of services for students (including a service to deliver birthday cakes to them from the on campus bakery and options to order pick up brown bag lunches online to grab between lectures). Interesting discussions in small groups and a nice salad and sandwich lunch before we headed off again on the bus to Carleton uni. This was the view from the meeting room - gorgeous sweep of a view across the fields and canal towards downtown Ottawa. The senior team had all been appointed within the last 2 years and were all very bouncy and upbeat, but did lots of powerpoint presentations so less time to chat.
Back on the bus again and off to the airport....the trips on the bus have given me some rumination time and I've felt very introspective but good to get some distance from the daily routine and some different perspective on it all.
We flew down to Toronto and I sat next to G and chatted away merrily. We were all tired when we landed and were pleased there was a coach to take us to the hotel - rather hysterical with laughter when it turned out to be a sort of stretch limo with disco lights. Oh my goodness this could go horribly wrong if photos were to hit the press - lots of chat about what the optics would be as there would be an assumption of huge amounts of drink and louche behaviour when in fact all we did was feel a bit travel sick from the lights!
We dumped our bags and a bunch of us headed to a steakhouse for supper - delicious but by the end of it we were whacked and I was pleased to finally get to bed. Rubbish/no wifi hence I couldn't post my blip. 

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