Big Hill

By bighill


About a week ago i started experiencing mild vertigo symptoms in bed when i turned over....very nasty feeling indeed.   over the next few days it seemed to increase so that i was experiencing the room spinning when i sat up and got out of bed!   so i called the dr. yesterday, she saw me right away and this morning i had an adjustment with the physiotherapist in Baddeck.  Wow, it was pretty crazy, and indeed she confirmed i had a right posterior canal nystagmus!   Lyndsey is the physiotherapist i went to 2 years ago for my knee rehab and she was wonderful.   and today she was great patient with me ..... i was pretty anxious about being turned upside down etc., but she was helpful, had me grab her arm.....i think i held on tighter than was necessary.....but she was good with that!   after 2 rounds of this treatment the nausea i've been experiencing has gone, and she thinks the little crystals that were dislodged are back in place!   Have to do these exercises 3 times a day for the next few days and then on Monday she'll check me over! 

The inner ear is astonishing......and hopefully things are back where they should be...and will stay there!

A gusty but sunny day here, and it's almost the end of Celtic Colours Music Festival....we've had a busy week here, quite a few folks coming up the hill....after this weekend, things will indeed quieten down!

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