By HareBrain

Pearl Lake

We’ve had a lovely day with our dear friends from Cornwall, the LindyLulus. Mr LL is duty pilot at The Herefordshire Aero Club this weekend flying the tug plane which pulls the gliders up.
After a meet up and lunch in the cafe Mrs LL (fellow Blipper) and I went for a walk up in to the village of Shobdon, and then took a turn round Pearl Lake. it was a beautiful afternoon with lots of bird life on the lake. Loved these two swans enjoying the sunshine. Whilst at the Club a friend flew in with his magnificent Avro Anson WW2 twin engine transport and communications plane. Mr T enjoyed having a photo shoot in the front seat in extra! And also enjoyed a flight in the tug plane with Mr LL.

Oh I almost forgot: it’s 17 years ago when Mr T and I plighted our troth, a perfect day then and the same today.

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