Meeting in the metro

too many meetings, too early in the morning. I decided to attend one while in the metro station, which led to me seeing this reflection. 

One of the women in the photoshoot Saturday is a doctor. At the age of 35 she decided it had never been her life ambition to be a school teacher. It had been her life ambition to be a doctor. After my accident she answered some questions for me. She thinks the reason why I've continued healing, even between year 3 and 4, is because of the photography. I agree. It has now been four years. 

Also wonderful, I discovered one of my co-workers used to work on videos made my non-profits. I apologized, in advance, for all the questions I'm going to ask her in preparing the video of Linda, my mother's friend. 

Also, I might head off to Vietnam on Friday. Now, if we can keep imposter syndrome at bay. 

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