By seizetheday


To the surgery first thing for a follow-up hypertension review with the practice nurse. She hadn't a clue as to why she'd asked me back(!), so she didn't even take my blood pressure, just chatted about 'lifestyle changes' that might help to lower my cholesterol level - eat less saturated fat and get more exercise. I'm already on a low-saturates diet! So better get out walking, and get on MrM's exercise bike more often - may help to lose a few unwanted pounds too!

To Jacqui's later on, for coffee and to help with a task on the computer, and in the afternoon, yoga.

Took the opportunity to catch up on some domestic stuff in the evening, while MrM was out practising for a concert with John C and P. When he returned we slumped in front of the TV for half an hour before bed, and indulged in nightcap. Didn't know until recently that there's a whisky distillery in Norfolk, near Thetford, so when we saw some in the sale at M&S in Berwick we couldn't resist buying a couple of small bottles. It's a pleasant, but not particularly complex, single malt...

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