Do these petals detract 
     from the rose that once was
          or do they add something
               that couldn’t be seen before?
Have I forgotten the rose so soon
     or does the lingering perfume
          of the petals assail my nostrils
to remind me of the beauty 
     that I once enjoyed?
At every stage this Compassion rose gave pleasure
     and even now, when it no longer blooms
          the pleasure lingers on
in my memory - and so it is with us - 
     we make an impression
          on those around us
and even when we have changed
     and gone through many experiences
          we still leave our mark or fragrance
to remind our family and friends
     of the different stages of our journey
          that couldn’t be seen before.

© Maureen Iles : 25/10/19 - written at 2 a.m.

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“Some days 
     there won’t be 
          a song in your heart. 
Sing anyway.” 
Emory Austin

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