Wam I Hat?

I thought I would try to baffle, bamboozle, bewilder and/or befuddle with this blip. Maybe even confuse or confound.  So I took a photo in my backyard and proceeded to fiddle around and finagle it.  Any guesses? 

I screwed up royally yesterday by arriving at my psychiatrist appointment in Tucson an hour late.  He asked me if I could "hang" a while.  Ninety minutes later, he was able to see me.  It had been a long drive and I had been out quite a while. I had intended to stop for lunch and run a couple of errands but my shoulder was screaming at me to take a pill or two and apply some ice so I went straight home.

I had intended to go to the Dia de los Muertos celebration in Tubac today but I don't think I should wander too far from home, not only because of the shoulder but because it's very windy and all the desert dust will make breathing challenging. 

Alrighty, time for the blip reveal.  It's not a section of a tree trunk; rather, it is a section of a dead cholla cactus as shown (alive) in this previous blip.  It's in the yard to add another perching place.

Lastly, I am most grateful to a wonderful blip friend for gifting me a Blip membership.  What a kind and thoughtful surprise.  xx


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