By iaint

Over the hill

No, not me!

I went over the hill for brunch. The hill in the Blip. East Lomond. Or maybe West Lomond?

I didn't walk over, although I've walked over both hills in the past. Drove. I was going to the farm shop to buy stuff - my little campaign to dent Tesco's profits - and decided to eat there.

They do a great veggie breakfast with poached eggs etc. This is becoming a habit. 5+ hours later (with a 20km cycle in between) and I'm not hungry again yet.

I don't seem to have a Blip for this day last year. Odd. I was traveling from Addis Ababa to Arusha, but still.


I do have a photo for 12-1-12, but my MacBook gives its date as the 13th. Odd. Here it is.
Mt Meru

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