Crime de Passion

Continued from yesterday ....

He shouted “If I can’t have her, no-one else can”.
He pulled out a knife.
A piercing scream filled the air.
The other fell to his grizzly end.

Heard the sirens.
Sadly the police were too late.

No doubt all will be revealed in the Bournemouth Echo.

Thanks to hobbs (Moody Mono) and skeena (Film Noir) for their monthly challenge. And BobsBlips for today’s Wide Wednesday challenge ‘Closed/Surrounded’

Was sunny. Now colder and grey. Heavy rain soon, on and off till tomorrow night across England. Feel for the poor folk in Yorkshire.

4:45pm. Gave the kitchen cupboards and oven an Autumn clean. Then to Coffee Saloon in Westbourne. Wanted to meet Mr B at Cotea’s new much larger premises (good coffee and lush Lithuanian cakes), but not open yet. Got back just in time. Wind’s blown up and the rain’s arrived.

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