When you go won't you send back.......

Look at this! I've got a letter from America! 

Now it might surprise some of you to know but the American postal system was actually started by Kevin Costner, there is a smashing but rather graphic documentary about his early work as a postman. This has come all the way from Boulder in Colorado which is where Mork and Mindy lived before Mindy married Gibbs from NCIS. As I understand it, to get to Colorado one goes to Land's End and carries on for a wee bit. I'm told that it is famous for its National Parks but I'm sure that they will pale in comparison with the Peak District. So, in summary, letters from America really exist - they are not just a literary device invented by Charlie and Craig Reid (and there is another layer of intertexuality in that the senders of the missive are also Reids with a Scottish connection)

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