Day 36 - Sheffield

After five weeks of sunshine the rain finally caught up with us at Cradle Mountain. Our time in Australia is coming to an end but we are staying two nights in a fabulous lodge so despite the showery weather we have an amazingly comfortable cabin with a cosy fire as the temperature has fallen. We could happily stay here for a few days especially as there are wombats (extra) and pademelons/wallabies wandering around all over the place. 

On the way to Cradle Mountain we stopped in Sheffield, the town of murals. The idea came from a place called Chemainus on Vancouver Island which is a town we visited 30 years ago. 

The main photo was taken before the rain started. It might seem an odd choice but it appealed to me and I blipped a wombat a couple of days ago so thought I would go for something different. I noticed the shop featured in the blip also sponsored one of my favourite murals which I have used for the other extra.

We both bought fleeces in Sheffield to prepare for the colder weather.

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