Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Snow... and I succumbed...

Seems I have decided to roll out yet another video, as Mega Breadvan got a bit of an airing when I ran Emma to school on Friday. Thought it would be a good idea to address the problems of visibility when driving in awful weather.

Being a relatively "new" driver I've had to get used to driving my sans permis van without having the advantage of a rear window. But I appear to have got it sussed there more or less. In this recent awful weather, the main problem is steaming up and the lack of vision when going round a left hand corner.
The two big pillars either side of the windscreen are a bit too wide really.

So here is another video of me making more mouth noise talking about visibility and then suddenly realising I was driving when wearing my reading glasses. OH said to me I was driving too fast! Is that really possible in such a slow Mega Breadvan???

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