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By HarlingDarling

The books

Not all of them are perfect,  and according to an expert I should think none of them are, riddled with little weirdnesses -and I love every one of them! The green ones will be the Japanese book given time, they are my paste papers. The marbled papers on the left are commercially produced, the bottom one on the right is all my own work. Keith asked to choose one today, he mentioned that he'd like a little book. Can you guess which one he picked? ( a dead cert if you know him, he has only one colour in his head)

I made the invite this morning, ready for reproducing. You can see it in the extra, the texts were written by the part committee and the chair of the local party, I'm just a scribe. We did some moving of furniture for our friends today, removing a table that was too big for their space, and fixing an extra knob for a cabinet that was missing one. I have to feel slightly pleased with my efforts, my first bit of practical whittling! It worked, I fitted the knob into the gap, applied wood glue to it and to two other loose ones, and painted the new one to (almost) match. We do our best. I love mending things. Our friends are not practical fixers, it's a match made in heaven. 

The moving was done in slushy sleet, after a day of snow at 0°C. It really is pretty yucky out there. I came home and picked my clothes for the trip. So many things presents have to be transported to the UK that I need to restrict myself, so black and white and grey it is, jazzed up with scarves and jewellry. Not my usual style at all, it will be interesting to see how long it is before I go to the nearest charity shop and buy some bright things!!!

IN the evening I went to the Left party caucus meeting, & discovered that the printer we have there is not a copier, so I have given my one and only original bit of art work to the chair and will collect the copies tomorrow. Then I'll fold nearly 100 copies into a double card and pop them in an envelope. We have the addresses and will write them by hand for that extra little personal touch! We are hoping that a personal invite might get more members to come to the Christmas party, it's always lovely to have time together and eat and relax in the company of more or less like minded people. Thankfully, there are many ways of serving the various causes that matter to us, and this is one of mine. And if we end up with just a couple of dozen party faithful on the 14 th of December, that will be a fine evening too.

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