When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, so I wasn’t at all surprised to hear Mr. HCB say when I got downstairs, that he would be going out into the garden.  He has been so fed up with all the rain and not being able to get out there, so today, he was raring to go.

I did tell him as he walked out of the conservatory door that I may just pop out and take a few pics of him working - he pulled a face, but I said I didn’t have to see his face, just what he was doing, so that seemed to appease him.

Having sorted out my breakfast, I donned my warm coat and shoes and went in search of Mr. HCB - and found him by his decimated Brussel Sprout plants, looking quite glum.  He has spent most of the summer plucking off caterpillars, but obviously didn’t do enough plucking, as you can see!  In fact, there was still a caterpillar on one of the stems, despite it being so cold - they seem to be hardy little things.  

So here is Mr. HCB, certainly not resting, but “working” in the garden and then, in the extra, you can see him “playing” by pretending to eat the caterpillar.  We don’t watch “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” but perhaps he fancies his chances on there, although I understand from a newspaper article that this year there will be “no live critters eaten in the Bushtucker Trials after complaints from some animal lovers”!  I just wish those “animal lovers” would let Mr. HCB know how he can prevent these little critters from eating his Brussel Sprouts - fairs, fair after all!  In case you are wondering, he didn’t kill the caterpillar, he just sent it on a long journey over the fence!

“The caterpillars we hate and fear,
     become the beautiful butterflies
          we admire and chase.”
Vanya Tiwari

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