By jac1954

Been to vet.

Took Blk Jac to see vet tonight.
I was surprised when he said how old he was 19+
And he has a heart murmur
Also I was worried about a lump on his tummy.
A umbilical hernia.
His teeth are rotten.
But in a day and night with me he gained a kilo. Lol I thought he seemed heavier .
The vet started to say about a lot of tests he could have done.
I said if there was anything serious wrong I would have to hand him over to the cat protection as I don’t have that kind of money. I can supply food a roof and a lot of love he seems content to me. Ralph and Etienne are not impressed just wait till madam Gwennie comes in with Her flouncy tail and sees what’s in my bedroom now she won’t be pleased.
My Kim tells me he has chased off her cats so maybe he can stand his corner. As you can see he is laying on my bed purring away. Bless him.

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