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By essonneimage

Share some good times...

Just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you that left messages of encouragement yesterday. Will catch up on the remaining comments, plus leaving comments on the blips from yesterday, later on.

Had a little bit of downtime yesterday. Over the last few weeks the mental side has taken a bashing, but also the physical side. As time goes on my bones have started to creak. Have had back trouble for quite some years, but over the last few years calcification is setting in too. I had 16 physio sessions in April which really helped. In the last few weeks I seem to have trapped a nerve further up my back, about level with the bottom of my ribs.
Years ago I broke a rib at that spot from coughing - so it looks like the break is coming back to haunt me.
So I'm creaking about like a suit of armour and probably clattering about too!

So had two students last night, I have another tonight and then another tomorrow night followed by 3 on Saturday morning. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it does create a fair bit of work and more importantly, keeps me busy. So today I've got the notes to do from yesterdays lessons then I have another 4 to plan for this week.

Meanwhile the "red cross" parcel came from the UK a few days ago. This morning I spent a bit of time unpacking it - checking off the items against my order list, then packing it all away. Some of the things are for Christmas sssshhh... so as Emma isn't eating with me today, I've been in co-hoots with Santa today.
Unfortunately 2 boxes of chocolate got a bit bashed about in the parcel and spilt their contents everywhere... so that is today's blip. Last year I had problems with my order, I got someone else's! But it was sorted out in good time.
This year I've ordered early... so hopefully I can get these two boxes replaced, as they aren't for me...

...back to work... catch you later...

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