Fern Leaf Falls

A long drive today, although I spent quite a lot of it asleep (John was actually driving). I had decided to get up early at our beach side site for sunrise. I didn't think it would be a good one due to cloud cover, but you never know! It had been a quiet and comfortable wild camp with the sound of pounding waves all night - very soporific - but I am not a 'morning' person so an early start cripples me for the rest of the day.

We stopped on our way to our current site (which is at Launceston on the west coast of Tasmania) for a scenic walk and then to see St Columba Falls. These were good but would have been improved considerably by some recent and decent rainfall. Huge drought issues in the area - many dead trees due to lack of water; it is a very serious problem!

Tasmania is an interesting island. Very like UK in many ways but the gum trees and ferns link it clearly to Australia - it is hard relate to where we are in the world at times. A feature seems to be the many derelict sheds everywhere - hope to include one in the extra.

I am hoping to get some decent shots of black swans, echidna and kookaburras over here (I have done ok shots of the latter). So much road kill over here. Hardly any distance passes without possum, wallaby, echidna or wombat (sob) lying lifeless at the roadside or being devoured by the numerous crow equivalents! There is a speed limit of about 40mph during the dusk to dawn period in an attempt to protect the wildlife.

Onwards tomorrow. Watch this space!

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