Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

I need to take the next step...

Two photos taken a year ago today, when I had owned Mega Breadvan for about 5 months. At just over 3 months of ownership and just past the guarentee, the engine blew. So I'm sitting in a revitalised Breadvan with a second hand "new" engine.
The old engine had about 81,000km on it, the replacement 27,000km... a brand new Kubota engine would've set me back 4,000€... more than Mega Breadvan is worth.

The other photo was taken by OH on her way to work, typical countryside hereabouts. I keep trying to convince her to take up photography...

Was probably taken on the road between here and the next village. Although this photo is wonderful, it is reminding me of the fact that I have yet to take Mega Breadvan out of our village... Well I've taken her to the park on the edge of the nearest town - but that isn't very far away, just on the limit of our village.

To go anywhere will mean having to go onto a D road where the speed limit is 80kph. I can only do 55, so I guess I will annoy a few people. The D road to the next village is just a couple of km's.
Going in the other direction to the next town, well that is the same D road - in fact it forms a bypass around our village, except after our village it becomes a dual carriageway. At least then, people won't be stuck behind me!

Remember yesterday's chocolates? Well the place I ordered the English food from, can only offer a £4 refund... Which isn't brilliant. So will have to buy 2 new boxes from Amazon (already ordered)... which means I'm a whole 14€ out of pocket... even with deducting the £4 refund.

Sometimes there are niggly annoying things you have to put up with to be an expat...

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