Sheffield Murals

Another busy day.
We left our site near Launceston and journeyed on towards the western side of Tasmania.
We called at Beauty Point to see the Echidnas and Platypus - not actually in the wild but probably our only chance to actually see the creatures and learn about them. They are monotremes - lay eggs but suckle their young so actually mammals; fascinating.

We paused at Sheffield which is a well known town for interesting murals (on the tour bus route) but is a bit like a 'western town' and I half expected the tumbleweed to be blowing along the street.  I found a decorated skate park in one corner and, as luck would have it, a young lad was having fun on his scooter and happy for me to photograph his antics.

Now we are on a site in the mountains parked by a creek where there is a chance of seeing a platypus actually in the wild (not this evening - but maybe in the morning).

Still so much of this amazing Australian state to explore!

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