Step by Step, heart to heart

Look at my Baby Boy!

He’s standing in front of the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China.

We always laughed at his exuberance when he was little... it was non-stop ‘Input, input, input’. This was never a child who would accept ‘just because’ as an answer. Full details had to follow.

Why are the stars twinkling... because before the light gets to us; it has to pass through different parts of space which are hotter or colder, or thicker or thinner, so as the light comes towards us; it fades with the effort.

What are those birdies doing? Twittervating. What’s twittervating? It’s what birdies do when they love each other and want to have little birds. Do you Twittervate? Yes Boy we do.... how? And so it went on...

It was constant and his dad and I scoured books to find answers.

Don’t ever stem their thirst for knowledge - give them Everything they want and more.

Now look at him!

Teaching Chinese Children English over the internet to finance his travels across the globe.

Visiting places I could only imagine.

Filling his thirst for knowledge from the source, And sending me back photos that inspire and fill me up with love and tells me that the exhaustion from keeping his interest in all things peaked was a good thing and well worth it!

Between him and Toolibelle we totally nailed the parenting thing!

Go us!

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