Reikes small life...

By Reike

Quite the storm in the past two days, even causing little planes to blow over. As it is due to the Foehn wind, it was 18°C today! 

I collected Rike in the morning, who has a little dog holiday with me until Tuesday. Philipp came over to help me hang up some pictures, and we cooked a huge pot of curry together - good for 6 more meals to be taken to work, too. 

The dogs got in a fight with a cat in the afternoon. If it had just stayed put as it did first it wouldn't have been a problem, but it decided to run in the last moment, so the dogs went after it. Result was a cat in the tree and a Djeili with a clawed-through, heavily bleeding ear... Sigh... Dogs...Cat was not harmed though!   

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