By dfb24


...water today! The thermometer said 40 degrees (F) but it was so windy and cold at the Lakefront that it felt more like 30!  Lots of people out watching the waves besides me, but I was the only one that was doing it from the beach--everyone else stayed in their cars. I can't brag too much though, as I didn't last very long...just took my pictures and headed back to the car. I put a few more shots of the Lake into the extras just because I still have over 30 of them to use up. I figured out why I've been so tired; Mae has had a terrible cold and has been running a fever since early yesterday morning,  and when I woke up this morning I felt pretty crummy too, as did Jennie, so except for my run to the beach we've all been couch potatoes today. I've got Tom wearing a mask and we're all keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't get it!  I'll catch up eventually, but I'm just not feeling up to it today.  :(     (when you look at the main blip you can see why the chains get so coated in ice!)

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