By dfb24

Secret Weapon...

While some people might classify this as a bribe, I much prefer to look at it as an “incentive” for great behavior, making all things “Frozen” my secret weapon. Thanks to Carolina for hosting MonoMondays this month.
My little “bribe-ee” is home with me today, as she’s still coughing (although no fevers since last night) & my daughter felt (& I agreed) that Mae shouldn’t go to school this morning. Jennie has classes today with finals coming up next week & couldn’t miss them, so I ran to the store to pick up a few groceries before she left. Now I’m with Mae, having just finished 8 games of Candy Land with a score of Mae 6, Grandma 2. She even tried to “cheat” so I’d win a game but I drew the dumb peanut card & had to go all the way back down!! :)))

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