Tree decoration

I'm not sure what was going on but we were accompanied by very low flying helicopters on our walk today. I wondered if pilots were polishing their skills as they flew so low down the narrow valley and hovered interminably above the area Berry and I had just vacated. I had a sudden hairy thought that there might be a nasty fugitive on the loose but it's be a daft place to 'hide' as it's so open ... ah, I got too fanciful!

Berry had the wind in her ears and brain cell today so there was no point letting her off lead as she had far too much going on to think coming back was a priority! Thank goodness she has been much less chewy today so I'm hoping for her sake (and that of my clothing) that her teething has subsided a bit.

I pretty much cleared my workroom surfaces today; since we returned from Orkney everything that was found to be accessible to a small inquisitive dog has been dumped there. The space needs to be available for guests to actually sleep there in a week - nothing like a deadline!

I've also culled more books. The homeopathy text books that were rejected by a 2nd hand shop (I don't blame them!) are being sold online via a second party website. It's a bit heartbreaking to be quoted 48p for a big textbook that at the time cost £40+ (the biggest quote was £1.79) but there's no point taking them to a charity shop.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and commenting. I'm a bit time short at present but will try and get round when I can!

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