By Topsyturvy


Actually, because the wind was in the wrong direction I didn't hear it, but I'm sure the explosions that demolished Coalbrookdale power station's big towers must have rocked a few foundations! I unwittingly turned up to walk Berry here and found the place full of onlookers and dogs (extra) so naturally I had to stay and watch the towers tumble. Even though it was some considerable distance away the dust cloud was very impressive; when I was returning from our walk an hour later the cloud had largely cleared and the towers were definitely gone.

Berry was very excited to be amongst all these people and dogs and behaved accordingly! It was good socialising for her but a bit hairy (and muddy) at times!

Book parcel dropped off and then a food shop; the roads were clogged and car parks full ... is this the beginning of that Christmas madness?!

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