In glorious Technicolour!

It snowed  quite a bit yesterday, and this morning there was about 6 inches of snow everywhere - so beautiful! It was quite light and not hard work to shift, but it still took over half an hour in the white gym before we could drive off to Sundsvall. I oohhed and aahhed all the way there.... it really is glorious when the snow hangs in the trees and everything is white!

Our smaller roads were all white, as in the photo, but the main road was almost clear of snow. Just the odd strip of compacted snow here and there. We were there to pick up the little car that we lent to our friends, since the garage needs the damaged car this week from tomorrow. That all went well.

We called in at IKEA so Keith could have their Christmas Spread, the Julbord. It's a very nice selection of Swedish Christmas fare and he really enjoys a good tuck in. I was in a bit of a rush to get back to town for a meeting so I just had a coffee and the odd taste of pickled herring before driving back. The meeting completed, I did some shopping as I have a Christmas cake on the go this evening. 

I haven't baked one for years so I have had to hunt for a recipe of some sort. The various dried fruits are now soaking in alcohol till tomorrow. The plan is to make several small ones and give them as presents to unsuspecting Swedes! If they turn out OK that is. 

Cards for Sweden are still not written, I have some language work to do before Christmas (preferably by yesterday, as usual) and there are other appointments to fit in somewhere. I used to work 40 hours a week, but goodness only knows how!

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