Marking Time

By Libra

The £91,000 banana eaten by ‘hungry’ artist

Photo: my reconstruction of  the installation

The £91,000 banana sold last week by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan  – a “ symbol of global trade” at the Art Basel fair in Miami -
was unexpectedly eaten by performance artist David Datuna “ because I am hungry”.
Within minutes the gallery staff replaced it with another banana from the local market.
Such was the queue to see the banana that four police officer had to be stationed outside the gallery to keep order.
Unfortunately the work has been removed at the request of the Art Basel Miami organisers leaving a lot of disappointed gallery -goers who wanted “selfies” with the banana.
So I have reconstructed it in my studio for the benefit of folk who may have missed it.
It differs from the original, and what makes mine unique, is that instead of duct tape I have used a special adhesive tape embossed with poetry.
My banana cost 20p and I am happy to sell it, along with some embossed tape, with a certificate of authenticity since it is the idea, not the banana that has the value.
Who will makes me the best offer?
Text 07543671269.
(At least it offers some light relief from all the election stuff.)

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