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Mrs T (Wednesday 11th December 2019)

This tortoishell cat has been out of luck stealing Smokey's food because I've been covering up the bikkie bowl overnight. She did come in yesterday evening and I shooed her out. Smokey was curled up on a chair in the porch and didn't react at all when she came in or when she left.
I've also had to take measures to Smokey-proof the study shelving as for some reason, after all this time,  he suddenly keeps trying to clamber up onto them, spilling boxes and discs onto the floor, even while I'm there.
I previously assumed this was a tom cat from its behaviour, hence Miranda1008 nicknaming it Mr Trouble for me, but it turns out tortoiseshell cats are almost always female but are known for their feistiness it seems, so now she's Mrs T for short. She was sitting in the garden by the bird table this morning, sizing me up as I saw her through the porch window.

11.12.2019 (1558 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Caballero Reynaldo - Cat Food (2015)
Rebeca Ibáñez (vocals),  Luis G. (vocals and all instruments)

A reworking of the 1970 King Crimson single, from the album In The Lounge Of The Naldo King.

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