Christmas Is Coming!

Today was just awesome! In the morning, the doorbell rang. Highly unusual. I went into protect-my-pack mode and got transferred to a room with the door shut in my face. But - it turned out it was a special delivery of a Christmas package all the way from Japan! Yay! I found this out after I was let out again. I wish I could have checked if Rudolph was standing in our front yard while the postwoman delivered the package.

And then, in the normal mail, we had a beautiful Christmas card from Germany! We’re so happy!

Today was also Nobel. Mum watches every year, and comes out of it a little wiser than she was before. This year, we learned about exoplanets, HIF particles and oxygen, lithium ion batteries and how using scientific methods in economics can reduce poverty. And the banquet was amazing! We shared half a package of marshmallow Santas to help celebrate.

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