By FrauPic

My beautiful quarter

Yesterday's blip was about the ugly spots here (a few architectural sins, gentrification and too many tourists). This one's about what I like. Blipped these four streets meeting at one corner before, I'm sure, but I never tire of these road  ;)

Healthwise, I'm not good. Good a triple* sick note. Saw a lot of doctor's this week. Orthopaedist's appointment today -  I'll have an arthroscopy as soon as I can get a clinical appointment.

* Such thing does not exist, to be honest. My GP, however, wrote three diagnoses (exhaustion, otitis, knee) on the one sick note she gave me. (I have a tendency to feel like I'm exaggerating or malingering. Seeing this written down made me think different. New year's resolution: take better care of myself.)

On another note (writing this early afternoon) - and not sure if this is of any use - I'm worrying about what's happening in the UK today. And what will probably happen after...

Tonight was the longest night - the light is already "coming back", I just learnt (from the radio). It may just not look like that, presently. Cheer up!

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