Harden Hobblers do their Santa Pub Run

It's been an outdoorsy day today despite the wintry weather.  Bev picked me up early doors to drive to Bingley to set up the parkrun course.  Towards the end of the run we had a prolonged hailstorm which chilled the volunteer team to the bone and I was glad to be seated in Tarquins Cafe afterwards with a cuppa and toasted teacake defrosting. 

Home for a brief time and then it was out to meet with the first tranche of Hobblers at the start of our annual 10k Santa Pub Run.  We have several folks with injuries and others who were arriving late so they would join us along the route.  We had barely left the village behind before another hailstorm blew over, but being hardy Hobblers we kept going to Cullingworth and the George where we were glad of the warmth and a drink.  Then it was through the Village and on to the viaduct and through another shower! 

Strangely the Station Pub in Harecroft does not open till 4pm so we had to continue to the Ling Bob at the top of Wilsden where four more Hobblers joined us.  A couple of drinks later and we were on the long downhill through Wilsden to the Malt at the bottom of our village where several of us thought it safe to partake of mulled wine.  Sally Hobbler joined us there, having dropped off a yummy cheese concoction to go in the oven at our destination, then it was the final uphill leg in to the centre of the village and the Fleece, where we were welcomed with chip butties.

Another great Hobbler outing with much laughter and stories and camaraderie, thank you everyone

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