Alnwick Castle

Dashing round trying to make up for lost time!

In to Alnwick late morning for some Christmas shopping. We also managed to acquire a small log basket and, from a vintage shop, a new-to-us lampshade for the hall. (A nice shade, and a huge improvement on the old one, but not Moroccan as the label implied. It's actually vintage ASDA!)

A bite to eat at the supermarket cafe before tackling the shopping, then to buy a Christmas tree. None outside the shop, so it didn't look promising. Only one pot-grown tree inside, just the right size, but though it had a price label it also had on it some fairy lights. Apparently it was the tree they'd had in the staffroom, now on sale for half price - so we brought it home with us. Seems a shame for the staff that their tree was taken down so it could be sold...

Alnwick Castle in bright winter sunshine looked particularly fine from the car park when we first arrived in Alnwick. It was getting dark by the time we set off for home.

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