By HeidiHH


Thank Godness for blipfoto and a possible place to vent out! I really need it today.

I have never in my adult life been in this situation that I am now. Or it kind of blew already on my face so....

Anyway. Here it goes. I got a text today from A (from who my in-laws rented the place they stayed in) that my in-laws had broken the plastic toilet seat.

I couldn't believe it. I asked her that surely that's not normal wear and tear. They have sat on the seat as you are supposed to, not danced on it. She said that the place is only bit over year old, so it can't be that. (She must be one heck of a plastic expert).

The seat must be only like 10-20€ worth, but I feel this is a question about justice. And when you rent someone's place and treat it nicely, there can still be something that breaks. And who would break a toilet seat intentionally?

So I asked her couple of questions. I'll insert the conversation here:
[14.38, 17.12.2019] me:
Well I don't think you can say that anyone (adult )would break that with purpose?
[14.38, 17.12.2019] me: Those sandals were in he balcony when they entered the place. Not theirs.
[14.39, 17.12.2019] me: What do you suggest?
[14.40, 17.12.2019] me: When we were renting, I broke one lamp. I told about it. We made a paper about it and it went to the insurance.

No answers! I continue:

[17.08, 17.12.2019] me: My in-laws now have tickets from 14.1. - 14.2. and wish to rent the same place. Should we have some kind of agreement signed so both parties know how things go? I assume the flat does have an insurance if something bigger happens as we all know accidents do happen even when people are acting normal and not partying?

I confess. At this point I text my (assumed friend) L and tell her in jokingly matter that I'm probably at A's black list as she is not answering me. And that this is over a toilet seat. I did tell her the story. I was starting to doubt my view over the matter. So I felt I needed to share it with someone.

Little did I know that L would go running to A and all hell would break lose. Even if my whole tone was light and jonkingly, it did not reach A in that tone. Or she has no humor.

So I get a text:

[18.15, 17.12.2019] A: Heidi, you are an adult. Stop saying about broken cover to anyone. It is my personal professional business and I want to solve any questions with my clients directly, not involving any other people.
Your in laws can call me or email me regarding this situation and also future reservation. I don’t want to deal it through you... nor L... nor other persons.

So I'm out of this middleman-business for sure.

I do wish she had answered me and dealt with me during the day. But what can you do. I needed to tell someone and mistakenly thought that person was my friend.

I answered A back: I’m sorry you feel that way. Truly. I’ll let my mother-in-law contact you. And I am sorry that you feel hurt. I though it was kind of funny that this was over toilet seat and I also thought L is both of our friend. Clearly she is friend to you. Because I did say it’s funny that this is over toilet seat.

And then I told L that A is no longer talking to me.
[18.24, 17.12.2019] me: Well she A already told me she’ll have nothing to fo with me since You told her You knew
[18.25, 17.12.2019] me: I told her I thought it was funny it was over a toilet seat, but it is what it is

L is now telling me she's too busy to get involved. (I just told her where we stand and that I know that she was the one telling her.) (I wanted to say that clearly you had time to throw me under the bus before, but now you are busy when you got caught).

Now she's texting me how I should give it few days. Or how I should just let my husband sort this out. Or how it's terrible that we'll have a falling out over this.

I told her not to worry.

I'm out of this nonsense. I feel like I should be able to laugh at stuff. And also talk to whoever I want to. I wasn't badmouthing her. Or it wasn't my intention. I just needed to share this insane experience. There are few facts that I'll let you know. I'm the 3rd person that I know of our neighborhood that she's stopped talking to. Also this is my 3rd altercation with her.

Two previous ones were in out neighborhood chat group.
1st with the president asking me to add the vice president back after A had chucked her out after the vice president said how it was. (A's reason was because she was rude to her. I didn't think she was.)
2nd when I asked her about if she knew about Masa / Nara being connected as she works in real estate. (She told me she doesn't work for either in very snarly way. I told her I just wondered because she works in the field. ) Also some days later A removed all the messages regarding my question from the chat also my last comment about her work.

Is it just me? Am I going crazy?

I could have just kept my mouth shut the whole day. But I'm only human. I wanted to get an opinion of someone who's also been blacklisted by her. But clearly L is back and or got back on the whitelist by selling me.

Thanks if you read the whole thing and please be gentle with me. I try to be a good person. But I also try not to be a doormat. I could have easily just talked this through and continue being as we were before. Polite.

Also not a good feeling that I can't trust people (L).

There is this twist regarding L. I do an article for her magazine once a month for free. I've done it over 1,5 years. She makes money on the magazine. Last year I got a Christmas card which was left at Jen's place. Now I feel like telling her to F off, but I know I'll do the moths I've told her I will do. That's me.  I wish I knew how to be more explosive and demanding. I'm just this person who vents online!

Good grief! 

Oh the photo. We visited El Fondo nature reserve late this afternoon when I was only upset about the toilet seat and not all that followed few hours later.

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