By dreaming

Over the top

This is just a small part of the decorations outside Apt. 401 - in Extra you'll see a panorama of the whole display which extends out for yards on either side of the door.  Other doorways were not so extravagant, as this wreath-only doorway shows.

An interesting day, medically.  I've discovered that my surgery, rather than being on December 30, is actually set for Friday, December 27.  I don't know how the mix-up happened, but I'm glad I checked!  I returned to the ENT today for a second audiogram and visit with the doctor.  The hearing in my right ear is indeed somewhat worse and I couldn't have a second steroids-through-the-eardrum treatment because blowing my nose with that cold prevented the hole from closing.  So I still don't know how that will turn out.

Dinner with Sarah was supposed to be the high point of my day, but she had to cancel because she's feeling really ill.  Assuming she feels better soon (fingers crossed,) we'll meet up next week.

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