By NickMog

Advent Calendar Day 23 - Atheism

When the Angel first appeared, embodying as it did absolute proof of the existence of the numinous, there was a rush of people to sign up to one of the many religions that included Angels amongst their teachings. As the Angel revealed more, it emerged that the very label, “Angel”, was something of a misnomer – “pre-Christian Spirit of Winter” might have been a better description. As a result, there was a swing from the larger, more organised religions to the fringes of Paganism and Pan-Theism. Particularly as the “Angel’s” preference for human sacrifice became apparent. This left the Atheists in something of a quandary. The ”rational” Atheists, who had used reason and a complete absence of positive evidence to justify their non-belief in any deity, by and large, admitted their mistakes and signed up to the programme. Some of them becoming human sacrifices in the process. This left those Atheists whose rationale was based on an unspoken unwillingness to accept the existence of “higher” beings – irrespective of the evidence. They were joined by those people who had previously subscribed to one or another religion precisely BECAUSE to do so flew the face of reason. Once reason pointed to the existence of the Gods, these people immediately took up the opposing position and became Atheists with all the fervour of the converted.

Once the dust had settled, the estimated percentage of the world’s population subscribing to Atheism (previously 7%) had actually risen three-fold.

An Advent-ure Calendar! see what I did there?

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